Civ 3 double your pleasure

Last edited by Harrier UK; June 29, at We have also added 50 new improvements, 35 new wonders, and 17 new small wonders. These new techs allow for greater depth in the unit and improvement aspect of Civ3.

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Civ 3 double your pleasure
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Civ 3 double your pleasure
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Memes, image macros, and reaction gifs are not allowed as posts. The mod adds new layers of strategy to the game and sets the standard in my opinion as to what Civ IV must beat. We had restricted them, but the AI wouldn't cut them down just to build a city, whereas the human player would, putting the AI at a disadvantage. Civ 3 double your pleasure also set the citizen food consumption to 2 so I have massive cities. Posts that are abusive in nature will be removed and the user that posted it will be banned.

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Civ 3 double your pleasure
Civ 3 double your pleasure

In the past years, many sites that contained the files for these civ 3 double your pleasure have gone offline and they were not always transferred to a new one eg. The first time through it takes a little adjustment in thw tech paths you take. I played my last five games with it! That said, the portions I saw were well done. In DyP it becomes possible, and some say even essential, to create specialized cities that focus on one aspect of empires development, be that science, production or commerce, they all play a role and each one is developed further in DyP than in the original game.

Civ 3 double your pleasure
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